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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 20:21:46 -0600
From: Kevin Henry <khenry1@UIC.EDU>
Subject: Re: Culture in Cyberspace newsletter
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Poster:       Kevin Henry <khenry1@UIC.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Culture in Cyberspace newsletter

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>Poster:       Bill LeFurgy <wlefurgy@RADIX.NET>
>Subject:      Culture in Cyberspace newsletter
>There is now a free, bimonthly e-mail newsletter that covers events
>developments associated with the intersection of technology and
>The newsletter's audience includes people who manage cultural
>and others who care how culture is represented in the emerging
>age.  Stories in the current issue cover:
>    Bill Gates's expanding ownership of electronic rights to art,
>photographs, and         other cultural resources;
>    Black history and culture resources on the Internet;
>    The new telecommunications law; and
>    Reviews of select World-wide web sites.
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>send a message directly to wlefurgy@radix.net.  Because the newsletter
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>Bill LeFurgy
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