New Publications

Dear STAMAsters,

As some of you will know The Haworth Press have just released a new
catalogue that includes two books of interest to archivists of science,
technology and medicine.

_Sci-Tech Archives and Manuscript Collections_, edited by Ellis Mount.
Although this was published in 1989 it is a publication that we should all
know about. 

Do any of you have any reviews of the book that could be posted to STAMA?

_The First Generation of Electronic Records Archivists in the United States:
A study in professionalization_ by Richard J. Cox, published 1994.

Again any thoughts or delibrations or reviews?

For those who do not receive the Haworth Catalogue, they can be contacted at:

The Haworth Press Inc.
10 Alice Street
Binghamton NY 13904-1580
Toll free (in the US I suppose) 1 800 342 9678
Fax: 1 607 722 6362

Cheers ... Gavan

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