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Any comments, additions or thoughts - this is the message that goes out to
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Yours ... the owner .... Gavan

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>Science, Technology and Medicine Archives
>This list is for the discussion, publication and promotion of issues
relating to science, technology and medicine archives. The list has been
established by the Australian Science Archives Project to serve the members of:
>* International Council on Archives - Provisional Section of University and
Research Institution Archives - Science Archives Group
>* Australian Society of Archivists - Science, Technology and Medicine
Archives Special Interest Group 
>* Museums Australia - Health and Medicine Museums Special Interest Group
>Other interested groups and individuals are welcome to participate in this
list especially members of:
>* Society of American Archivists - Science, Technology and Health Care
>and any other special interest groups working in this field. If you belong
to such a group that is not mentioned above could you notify the list so its
name can be added. 
>As you can see by the institutions mentioned above we are taking the field
to include artefacts as well as records as the two are so often intertwined
in the science, technology and health care arenas and many of us have to
deal with mixed collections.
>The aim of the list is to be supportive, informative, creative and tolerant.
>Many of us will be using different email software systems so it would be
useful if all postings could be addressed to STAMA in some form, ie:
>Dear STAMAsters
>To all good and faithful readers of STAMA
>and to be signed off - again in a style of your choosing. This should help
all of us maintain our email in a useful manner. 
>All postings should/must contain a Subject line entry. Any thoughts on
protocols for this or should we just let it evolve - use your common sense.
>Yours (new at this business) .... Gavan