The Einstein Papers Project

Ullo STAMAteurs,

I was just notified of this WWW site and thought you might be interested. 
There's not actually a lot there at the moment, but it might be worth 
keeping an eye on.

cheers, Tim



> The Einstein Papers Project
> Welcome to the official WWW homepage of the Einstein Papers Project
> at Boston University.
> The goal of the Einstein Project is the publication of The Collected
> Papers of Albert Einstein, an edition of twenty-nine planned volumes
> of Albert Einstein's published and unpublished papers and a wide
> selection of his correspondence. So far five volumes have been
> published by Princeton University Press; three more are in
> preparation, to be published within the next three years.
> More information:
>   1. About the Collected Papers
>   2. The staff
>   3. Published volumes
>   4. Volumes in preparation
> Einstein Papers Project at Boston University
> 745 Commonwealth Avenue
> Boston, MA 02215
> einstein@albert.bu.edu

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