Re: Location of Archives

On 25 Oct 95 at 7:09, Gavan McCarthy wrote:

> Dear STAMAsters
> One of our members, who for good reasons wishes to remain anonymous, would
> like some feedback, support, opinions and thoughts on the issues presented
> below. I have passed on the message as sent to me.
> Moderately yours (with a cold) .... Gavan
> >
> >Canvassing opinion and experiences about the location of Archives and
> >Archivists, as evidence to support the claim in a current case in a higher
> >education establishment that
> >
> >a) Archivists and records should remain in one place with the search room for
> > greater efficiency, ease of access for users
> >(This doesn't preclude storage elsewhere of rarely used material)

I am not sure this matters all that much.  Different people tend to 
use each, which is not to say they should not each be using both at 
the same time (eh?)

> >
> >b) Archives should not be moved into libraries as they both have such
> >different methods of operation, purpose and often different clientele.

Speaking from an archives which is *housed* in a library building, I 
can't say it seems to matter all that much.  Better to be in a 
central, easily accessible library building than a forgotten, hidden 
archives building.  Just ask the Macleay Museum what it means to be 
off the beaten track.

> >
> >b)Separating the Archivists and records can only lead to a decrease in the
> >quality of service given to all users and in the quality of job satisfaction
> >for the Archivists

Depends ;)

> >
> >c)Archives and libraries have different purposes, often clientele and
> >methods of operation,

Agree 100%

> therefore Archives should not be housed within
> >libraries if avoidable and should not be moved into libraries 

a non sequitur if ever I saw one.  See above

>> without valid operational reasons

See above.

I don't have a cold, I have a headache :(


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