Dear STAMA folk,

I am looking for a readily indentifiable star pattern that is visible in
both hemispheres.

We are dividing STAMA into two bits:

STAMA - Australia (The Special Interest Group of the Australian Society of
Archvists). This Web site will have the newsletters and other things that
just relate to this group.


STAMA - International (The Science Archives Sub-Group of the ICA/SUV). This
Web site will have the STAMA "listerve" plus any other things that relate to
the international community, especially the programme and papers and
discussion that comes from the Science Archives meeting Liege later this month.

STAMA - Australia has a logo that incorporates the Southern Cross and the
Ibis (see Newsletter No. 1 for an explanation)

We would like to have a similar logo for STAMA - International but using a
star grouping that was visible in both hemispheres - any ideas?

Cheers ... Gavan

PS Also we would welcome any thoughts on other things people would like to
see on the Web site:


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