Announcement of cyberconference


The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, the Johns Hopkins 
University School of Medicine, and the Alan Mason Chesney Medical 
Archives announce the First International Cyberconference on the 
Psychobiology of Curt P. Richter.

The conference will take place via the World Wide Web, beginning on July 
8, 1996.  We invite scientists from Richter's fields of investigation, 
along with social scientists, occupational health specialists, 
archivists, and information professionals to participate.

Curt P. Richter was a pioneer in the field of psychobiology, and 
developed various subdisciplines, including chronobiology and ingestive 
behavior studies. He produced a range of publications that continue to be 
cited in the scientific literature.  Dr. Richter's legacy includes a vast 
body of data from nearly six decades of research. Because he maintained 
impeccable standards for the collection and maintenance of laboratory 
data, the collection of records is extraordinary not only for its size 
and the range of experimentation represented, but also for the integrity 
of the data.

Since these records contain data that are still viable for use in ongoing 
research and teaching, we want to make the collection available for 
study. By exploring ways to convert data in hard copy to electronic 
formats, we hope to find a means of making the data accessible through 
the Internet and thus facilitate remote and multi-disciplinary use of 
this rich and varied collection.  By using the example of Richter's data 
as a case study, we hope to stimulate interest in ways in which primary 
data from research laboratories may be recycled for ongoing use in 
teaching and research.

For further information, and to register for the conference, see the 
following URL:


or send email to Lisa Mix (lmix@welchgate.welch.jhu.edu) or to Nancy 
McCall (nmccall@welchgate.welch.jhu.edu).

We look forward to your participation.