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Dear STAMAsters,

Following is a posting from Marjorie at the Bentley Historical Library
(sorry for multiple postings to those keen listsurfers).

I have finally found an opening to work on the Liege meeting documentation
and hope to have a bi-lingual version on the STAMA Website next week.

More soon .... Gavan


The Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan is pleased to
announce the opening of its new web site, which may be accessed at:


Please visit and explore the Bentley site.  Comments and suggestions
about the library's homepage are welcomed and may be directed to Greg
Kinney (gkinney@umich.edu).

The main features of the web site include:

*  A brief description of the library's mission and the range of its

*  Descriptions of the purpose, programs, policies and procedures of
library's 3 departments:  the Michigan Historical Collections, the
University Archives and Records Program, and Access and Reference
Services.  (Included in the reference services pages are suggested
research topics for undergraduates developed by the staff, which have
proven quite useful in stimulating undergraduate use of the Bentley.)

*  Three Online exhibits, including:
        --  "Michigan in the Olympics," which highlights the
of the more than 150 U-M students, alumni and staff who have
in the Olympics from 1900 - 1994, with updates on those U-M Olympians
the 1996 team.

        --  "The Official Seals of the University of Michigan," which
an historical overview of the several seals used by the U-M during its
178-year existence.

        --  "Historical Tour of the Campus," which links visual images
campus buildings with text about the campus in three decades:  1860s,
1900s, and 1940s.

*  Fellowship and Research Grant Programs:
        --  Research Fellowship Program for Study of Modern Archives

        --  Travel and Research Grants

William K. Wallach
Assistant Director
Bentley Historical Library
University of Michigan
1150 Beal Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2113

phone:  313-764-3482
fax:    313-936-1333
e-mail: bwallach@umich.edu