Health and Medicine Museums

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Health and Medicine Museums
Special Interest Group

in association with the Museums Australia Inc. 1996 Conference



Wednesday 30 October 1996
Seminar:    12.30 pm for 1.00 pm
(Annual General Meeting:    4.30 pm)

Seminar Room,  Hyde Park Barracks Museum
Queens Square, Macquarie Street, Sydney

Admission free. All interested people are welcome, especially custodians of 
small collections whether or not they are devoted to health and medicine.

Speakers will present short talks on their experience of managing a small 
museum and getting the most out of the collection. 
Topics include:
* How much information is too much?: documenting a health and medicine 
* The pro-am collaboration: professional curators and volunteer custodians;
* Dressing up to tell the naked facts: taking medical history exhibitions to 
the community;

For seating and catering purposes please RSVP 21 October.

For full details contact Megan Hicks
Powerhouse Museum  PO Box K346  Haymarket  NSW  2000
Phone: 02 9217 0254                    Fax: 02 9217 0355
email: meganh@phm.gov.au

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