Announcing Science, Technology, and Health Care Archives listserv (STHC-L)

STHC-L (The Science, Technolgy, and Health Care Archives Forum) is now 
open for traffic! Please forward this message to anyone you think would 
be interested.  If you post it to a newsletter or another listserv, 
please let me (rjohnson@library.ucla.edu) know its name and address so 
I don't duplicate the posting.  Thank you.

STHC-L: The Science, Technology, and Health Care Archives Forum.
PURPOSE:  STHC-L provides a forum for archivists working at  
institutions in the natural and social sciences, technology, and 
the health sciences..  It includes announcements, inquiries, and 
discussions on access to and use of historical sources.
AUDIENCE:  Membership is open to archivists and users of archives 
in the history of science, technology, and health care.  It is 
maintained for the benefit of the STHC Roundtable of the Society 
of American Archivists (SAA), but is open to all (i.e., anyone 
with an e-mail account can subscribe without restriction).
the following request in the message area: 
      SUBSCRIBE STHC-L [Yourfirstname Yourlastname, institution]
           example:  SUBSCRIBE STHC-L Russell Johnson, UCLA
Be sure the message is contained in a single line in the message 
area; the subject line should be blank.  You need not include the 
comma and the institutional identification, but these are helpful 
to the list moderator/owner and other subscribers.  Note that you 
do _not_ include your e-mail address, only your full name.  This 
is because ListProc, the listserv software, automatically reads 
the return address on your subscription request and uses that as 
your e-mail address.  Because of this, be sure to be logged on and 
to send the subscription request from the account or address to 
which you want STHC-L messages sent! 

FOR MORE INFORMATION, or if you have problems subscribing or  
issuing other commands, please contact the List Owner:
Russell A. Johnson        (310) 206-2336
Archivist, Science Collections
University Research Library, UCLA
Box 951575   Los Angeles CA   90095-1575