XXth Int. Congress of History of Science

Dear STAMAsters

XXth International Congress of History of Science, 20-26 July 1997
Liege, Belgium.

Theme: Science, Technology and Industry

The Second Circular for this major congress has just been issued. This 32
page booklet contains all the information you need to get you to Liege and
includes a registration form and paper submission form and a hotel
reservation form.

The IUHPS - Division of History of Science - Commission on Bibliography and
Documentation is presenting two sessions:

SU1 - Archives of Contemporary Science (Rod Home, Odile Welfele)
SU2 - Editing in History of Science. Editorial Help and Exchange of
Experience (F. Nagel, H.-J. Hess)

For those of you who do not know, Odile is on the Science Archives
Subcommittee of the ICA/SUV and is a member of the ICA/SUV Steering
Committee. She works at CNRS in Paris, France.

The Booklet can be obtained from:

Universite' de Liege - Prof R. Halleux
Centre d'Histoire des Sciences et des Techniques
15, av. des Tilleuls
B-4000 Liege

email: chstlg@vm1.ulg.ac.be

Cheers ... Gavan
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