Interesting discussion on tech

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Date: 9/27/96 7:45AM
Subject: Interesting discussion on tech

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Subject: Interesting discussion on tech
Author:  jconvers@CAPCON.NET at hubsmtp
Date:    9/27/96 7:45 AM

The World Bank has inaugurated a series of on-line discussions on such 
topics as the transfer of Science and Technology to developing nations, 
the establishment of community information centers in developing nations 
and now a new discussion on education and the role of technology.  These 
discussions, which have had frequent mention of information technology) 
have been interesting partly for what they have NOT considered
and that is the potential role which records management (in both public 
and private entities) and archives could play in the activities of the 
World Bank, the UN and other players in the development area.  They are 
maintaining "archives" of these discussions at their web site which is: 
http://www.worldbank.org/html/fpd/technet.  You can subscribe to the 
ongoing discussions by going to that site, selecting NETWORKING and then 
Tom Converse, Chief
Records Management Section
Inter-American Development Bank
Washington, DC 20577
(202) 623-3010