Bio. information on Walter Harvey Weed

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I'm searching for biographical information on geologist Walter Harvey 
Weed (1862-1944). He graduated in mining engineering from  Columbia 
University in 1883, worked for the USGS (geology of Yellowstone 
National Park, regional geology near mining districts in Montana, 
copper mines).  He became the foremost expert on US copper mining.  
he was a geologist with the North Carolina Geological Survey  
(1901-1906), a consulting ore deposit geologist, and editor and 
publisher of the Cooper Handbook (1914-1915) and the Mines Handbook 
(1916-1925).  He was a founder of the Geological Society of 
Washington [D.C.].  His professional activities seem well documented. 
There's a 1-1/2 page article in "Centennial History of the Geological 
Society of Washington, 1893-1993", which cites Who Was Who in 
America. v. 2, and National Cyclopedia of American biography, v. 13 
as sources.  This article includes birth/death dates, parents, wifes, 
education and is the source of the bio. information given above.  I've checked 
Sarjeant's "Geologists and the History of Geology", including 
Supplement I and Supplement 2, as well as GeoRef.
A large group of his USGS-related scientific records are at the 
National Archives (Archives II, RG 57), and a few related items are 
here in the Field Records Library, but I don't know the location 
of any other collections.  It's the more "personal" information I'm 
in search of.   Any help/suggestions are appreciated.
Anyone out there with the NC Geological Survey who can check their 
Thanks very much.
Carol Edwards, USGS Field Records Library
Denver, CO  
(303) 236-1005     cedwards@usgs.gov