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>Bart Fried <nuvista@compuserve.com> writes
>I am conducting research on the eminent telescope and instrument maker, Dr.
>John Alfred Brashear ("Uncle John") 1840-1920.
>Many of Dr. Brashear's telescopes and instruments are still either in use or
>located at institutions and observatories around the world. Unfortunately,
>the company records were lost or discarded sometime in the 1950's. Of
>particular interest is any paperwork, correspondences and notes on
>instruments that went to schools, universities or observatories, and of
>course, the locations of existing instruments. Also, telescopes made by
>Warner & Swasey during the period of 1886 to 1916 or 1917 were likely to have
>Brashear optics with some exceptions.
>Especially important is information regarding the uses of the instruments as
>well as discoveries or historically important research that was done using
>them. For example, Dr. Brashear made the plane mirrors for A. A. Michelson's
>interferometer used to determine standards of measurement using wavelengths
>of monochromatic light. Another notable instrument was George E. Hale's
>spectroheliograph, first produced by Brashear.
>If anyone has anything to contribute, please respond directly to me at
>Thank you,
>Bart Fried
>Antique Telescope Society.
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