Sci-Fi Update

Greetings Fellow Sci-Fi Fan:

If you're as big a Sci-Fi fan as I am, then you have got to take a look at this site...
http://www.greenharvest.com/talkingrings .

I thought I knew a lot about present day sci-fi and sci-fi classics until I visited this site.
It is loaded with really great information.

As a side note, did you know - 

* They're getting ready to do a remake of "The Time Machine?"  Can you imagine the
   special effects?

* Spielberg is doing a remake of "When Worlds Collide" called "Deep Impact."

* "Houdini" is being remade by Paul Verhoeven (whose "Starship Troopers" is coming
  very soon). 

* There is a remake in the works for the "7 Faces of Dr. Lao."

Take a minute and go see for yourself and learn about sci-fi from it's very roots up to
where we know it today.  You'll be glad you did...


Steve Lochmiller
A Fellow Sci-Fi Buff

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