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Celebrating 1998 National Science Week

The archival profession and the practice of science are both being
revolutionized by the introduction of new information technologies.
Advanced tools and methodologies for dealing with the new records of
science are evolving world wide. This conference has assembled
international and local experts to examine Australia's leading role in
utilizing these technologies to meet the needs of contemporary science and
technology-based industry.  Although this work stems from a focus on the
demands of science and technology it has ramifications for the entire
information, archives and records industry.

The conference will explore key issues including:
· The use of archives for historical and community purposes, notably the
research regarding the exposure of Australian volunteers to poison gas
experiments in the Second World War; 
· The issue of contemporary scientific practice and its associated record
keeping, notably the research regarding the tracing procedure for HIV
transfusion transmitted infection;
· The use of virtual reality technology, notably ANU’s the WEDGE, the first
walk-in virtual reality theatre in Australia;
· An opportunity to observe the latest technologies used in transforming
archival and research practice;
· Standards and electronic records.

When:      6 - 7 May 1998 
Venue:    Becker House, "The Dome", Australian Academy of Science, within
                                        	    the grounds of the Australian
National University, Canberra
Website:  http://www.asap.unimelb.edu.au/asa/stama/conf/      

For interviews, information or photo opportunities 
Contact anytime:   Gavan McCarthy, University of Melbourne
email:       Gavan.McCarthy@asap.unimelb.edu.au
Tel:           0419399079 and +61 9344 9287

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