Working with Knowledge Conference

Dear STAMAsters

I would like to place on record a big CONGRATULATIONS to the team at 
the Australian Science Archives Project for providing the archival 
community with the "Working with Knowledge" Conference.

The two day conference was stimulating and, as I often say to 
students, professionally enriching.  The ASAP team brought to Australia a 
group of international speakers, who with local speakers raised, 
discussed, highlighted, many topical issues that are of real concern to 
the profession in Australia and overseas.

I look forward to seeing the papers which are to be mounted on the 
web.  I am also looking forward to the real outcomes of the 
Conference.  These, I hope, are the ways we as a profession go about 
confronting the issues raised so that practical solutions are achieved.

Congratulations again to the ASAP team.


Bruce Smith
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