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The Third  Annual Healthcare Archives Conference sponsored by the
Baker-Cederberg Museum and Archives. The conference will be held in
The Hinshaw Education Center at the Rochester General Hospital 1425
Portland Avenue, Rochester New York on September 11, 1998 from 8 A.M. to
4 P.M.

Capturing a staff members reminisces on tape is not new. But what do we
do with these tapes? What is our responsibility? How do we use these
tapes for  furthering our understanding of our institutions?  These and
many other questions will be addressed during this conference. The
conference is open to anyone interested in preserving  healthcare

Conference fee is $45.00 which includes Registration, materials,
parking, breaks, and lunch. Fees are refundable  up to 48 hours before
the conference. Confirmations and additional materials will be sent out
after August 25. Exhibits are welcome, no charge
for table space.


 Gloria Bartowski,  SARA/DHP.

"The SARA/DHP Mental Health Initiative."

 Deb Zimmermann, RN, VP, Director of Nursing, ViaHealth, Rochester
General Hospital --  Keynote Address:

"Charting Change: Personal Prospectives of Change in Healthcare."

 Michael H. Frisch, Professor of History and American Studies, SUNY
Buffalo, and Editor of Oral History Review 1987-1996.

"The Challenge is in the Listening: An Introduction to Oral History"

Teresa K. Lehr, Asst. Curator for Research, Baker-Cederberg Museum and

"Nuts and Bolts of Oral History."

John Faulks -

"History at your fingertips: Producing an Interactive CD-ROM."

For further information contact: Phil Maples
Baker-Cederberg Museum and Archives,
Rochester General Hospital,
1425 Portland Ave,
Rochester , NY 14621.

(716) 339-5292.
 FAX to B-C.M.A.
e-mail phil.maples@viahealth.org

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