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The University of California, Santa Barbara, one of nine campuses of the
University of California system, is seeking a Project Archivist for its
Humanistic Psychology Archives. The Archives includes collections relating
to Rollo May, Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir and other notable individuals
and organizations. It is located in the Special Collections department of
the UCSB Library. The UCSB Library serves 18,000 students and more than
1,200 faculty. This appointment is a 3-year, grant-funded project.

Under the general supervision of the Head of Special Collections, the
Project Archivist identifies, acquires and processes appropriate
collections for the Humanistic Psychology Archives. Conducts negotiations
with potential donors, examines and selects suitable materials,
coordinates packing and shipping of materials, and accessions materials
for the Archives. Sorts and arranges existing and newly acquired materials
in the Archives. Prepares guides and finding aids to the collections.
Identifies preservation needs in the collections, including audiovisual
materials. Supervises student assistants in more routine processing tasks
such as refoldering, labeling and rehousing of materials in archival
containers, and copying of audiotapes and videotapes.

MLS from an ALA-accredited school, or equivalent degree with formal
training in archival studies, or ACA certification; must have at least one
year of recent archival processing experience. Demonstrated organizational
skills, good attention to detail and supervisory experience.

$33,204 - $38,028 Appointment Range

Send letter of application, resume, and names/addresses of three
references to:
        Detrice Bankhead
        Associate University Librarian, Personnel
        Davidson Library
        University of California
        Santa Barbara, CA  93106

Applications will be reviewed starting September 30, 1998.

The University of California is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Employer and invites applications from all who meet the stated

Coni Edick __________________________________

Library Personnel Assistant
Davidson Library
University of California, Santa Barbara
Telephone: 805-893-2187     Fax: 805-893-7010

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