TR: Managing Electronic Records '98 Conference+, Chicago, Nov 2-4, 1998

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>Objet :	Managing Electronic Records '98 Conference+, Chicago, Nov 2-4, 1998
>Dear Colleagues:
>Bob Williams, President of Cohasset Associates, Inc. has asked me if I would
>cross post this on other lists where he is not a member.  I am not only happy
>to do so, but I will add an unsolicited testimonial that, in my opinion, this
>is the best of breed in electronic records conferences that there is out
>--  including relevance of content, quality of speakers, paper and audio
>copies of all presentations, even the style and quality of food and
>I don't think anyone who participates will be disappointed.  Ask anyone else
>who has been to one of these.
>Rick Barry
>I am pleased to announce the program for the Sixth National Conference on
>Managing Electronic Records.  It will be held in Chicago on November 2-4,
>1998, with preconference tutorials on November 1.
> The conference theme for MER'98 is "What's New, What's Working?"   With 42
>outstanding speakers, 37 informative sessions and two extraordinary
>preconference tutorials, MER '98 promises to a truly exceptional conference.
>Consider some of its highlights:
>        * The preconference tutorial on Information Management for the
>Information Technology Professional will be conducted by the Central
>Intelligence Agency (yes,  you read it right).  This is the first time the
>CIA has presented this unique course outside the agency.  It has been so
>successful internally that it will soon be mandatory for all CIA information
>management professionals.  This is a "not to miss" session that has limited
>        * Special focus will be given to the very important issue of
>Self-Authenticating Records.  Outstanding  speakers on this subject will be
>Hank Perritt Esq. (he was the excellent legal moderator on the landmark
>international AIIM legality telecast), Charles Merrill, Esq. (one of the
>nation's most knowledgeable attorneys on technology issues),  Michael Baum,
>Esq. (Chairman of the American Bar Association's Digital Signature
>Guidelines committee and a truly extraordinary speaker), and Dick Fisher
>(who has a special knack for making the technical issue seem very
>understandable) .
>        * There also will be a mock trial featuring the two attorneys who
>also did the very successful mock trial in the AIIM legal telecast!
>        *The Chairman and Chairman Emeritus of AIIM's elite EmTAG committee
>(Emerging Technologies Advisory Group), together with several key members,
>will provide the latest information on new technologies and the management
>of electronic records.
>        * Special focus will be given throughout the MER '98 conference on
>finding the right software solutions.  Under the leadership of Doculabs,
>there will be  1) a preconference software tutorial,  2) a special
>technology theater during the conference and 3) direct communications and
>briefings with the leading software providers throughout the conference.
>Three sessions will provide vendor to vendor comparisons on electronic
>records management software, COLD software, and imaging software.  With the
>help of experts, determine the "right" software for your needs.
>        *Special Presentations about the findings of the latest research:
>Charles Dollar on the long-term storage of digital records, Tim Sprehe on
>managing web-based records, Rich Medina on Doculabs' 1998 Records Management
>Benchmark Study, Rich Lysakowski of the CENS consortium on gaining
>acceptance for electronic recordkeeping systems in industry, and Seamus Ross
>from the University of Glasgow on reconstructing digital records.
>        *Arthur Andersen's worldwide director of computer risk management
>will announce (with Cohasset Associates) the development of auditing
>guidelines for electronic imaging systems and electronic records management
>programs.  What will they include, when will they be ready, and how will
>they be available?
>        *From the U.S. Department of Justice, Jason Baron, Esq., will
>address the emerging law of metadata and in another session, independent
>attorney Emily Frye will focus of the laws and regulations pertaining to
>sensitive encrypted records.
>        *A surprise for everyone who attends!  In the history of the MER
>conference, never has one speaker taken so little time to present so much
>information that will be so helpful to so many for so long.  Curious?
>        *Managing Electronic Records for ISO 9000 will be addressed by two
>renowned experts and outstanding speakers, Eugenia Brumm and Steven Daniel
>        *The economics of managing electronic records, cost justification,
>and developing the business case, will be the subjects of  special
>presentations by nationally recognized experts, Addie Mattox and Lowrie
>        *A very  innovative and significant new approach to the successful
>implementation of e-mail policies will be presented by Randy Kahn, Esq.-- a
>concept that has the potential to introduce an entirely new dimension to the
>profession of records management.
>        *A not-to-be-missed session by the Records Management List's own
>Susan Kinney on Managing Web-based Information in a Changing Environment.
>        *.....and many other sessions on developing electronic retention
>schedules, indexing, knowledge management, and electronic evidence
>discovery......to name just a few.
>        *Two of the MER's very popular two hour networking receptions for
>all registrants!
>All MER '98 registrants will receive the legendary large conference notebook
>and a COMPLETE set of audio tapes for ALL of the sessions so you will not
>miss anything!!
>Brochures will arrive this week for many USA Records Management List
>members.  Additional information and brochures are available by calling
>(800) 200-7667 (in the USA only) or (312) 527-1550.     The complete
>conference program is available on Cohasset Associates' web
>MER '98 will be held at the Chicago Westin Hotel on the "magnificent mile",
>north Michigan avenue.  Please contact the Westin directly (312) 943-7200
>for the special conference room rate.
>Registration for MER '98 is limited -- and all five previous MER conferences
>has been sellouts!  The registration fee is USD1,150, with the optional
>preconference tutorials being USD300 for the CIA/MER session and USD225 for
>the software session.
>The Sixth National Managing Electronic Records Conference brings together an
>exceptional group of the experts to deliver informative presentations on the
>latest topics and research that will help users successfully meet the
>challenges of implementing electronic records management systems and
>programs. Historically the MER conference has been comprised of 25%
>attorneys, 25% IT professionals and 50% enlightened records managers.
>Accordingly, many companies and agencies send a team.
>If anyone has any questions, please call me personally or the MER '98
>Conference Administrator, Chris Glatz at (800) 200-7667.
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