Forum UNESCO University and Heritage 4-8 October 1998

Dear STAMA folk,

I know this is after the event but I just attended the 3rd International
Forum UNESCO University and Heritage 4-8 October 1998 which was held at
Deakin University, Melbourne and Geelong, Australia.

It was great to meet a wide variety of people from the architectural and
museum heritage groups but I noted that I was the ONLY archivist. I
presented a paper (the abstract is given below).

These international gatherings are always worthwhile attending - not too
big - friendly, interesting people. For those keen to know more there is a
Web site at <http://arts.deakin.edu.au/unesco/>

Concurrent Session 3C, Wednesday, 7 October 1998
Deakin University Woolstores Campus, 1 Geringhap Street, Geelong

The University as a locus of authority in linking heritage resources.
Gavan McCarthy
Director, Australian Science Archives Project
University of Melbourne
In 1995 the International Council on Archives published a draft standard
for Archival Authority Records and encouraged archival institutions around
the world to look at how this standard could be used to improve management
of and access to archival records. The development of the World Wide Web
during the 1990s has enabled the testing of the Authority Record concept as
the locus of management and connectivity. The Australian Science Archives
Project has participated in this testing through BrightSPARCS, a Web-based
information resource focused on the history, archives and artefacts of
Australian science, technology and medicine. This experience has revealed
just how powerful this tool can be as it provides an immediate and
spontaneous means of interacting with a highly distributed user-group. 

The Authority Record registers key information about the creators of
records and artefacts and acts as linking point for information about
records and artefacts no matter where they are located or how they are
described. It is proposed that the WWW be used as a tool to create an
Australian Network of Authority Records based on the ICA standard.
Universities through their archives, museums and art galleries are primary
candidates to create and host subject or focused Authority Record
registers. Using standards to achieve consistency and interoperability and
the Web to create seamless inter-connectivity there is the opportunity to
work towards a cultural heritage infrastructure that would revolutionize
both management and access.

Full paper can be sent to anyone interested.

Cheers .... Gavan
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