Neuroscience History web address/URL changes: HISTNEUR-L, ISHN, RETICULUM, etc.

The UCLA Brain Research Institute has changed web servers, making web 
addresses/URLs even longer than before!  (Hint to deciphering the 
hierarchy of our new URLs: "SOM" = School of Medicine; "BRI" = Brain 
Research Institute, "ARCHIVES" = Neuroscience History Archives)

Please change your bookmarks or links for any of the following 
Neuroscience History web sites to which you are linked.


Russell Johnson


(1a) HISTNEUR-L Information Sheet ["How to Subscribe to HISTNEUR-L: The 
History of Neuroscience Internet Forum"]


       N.B.: only the web archives and information sheet have moved; 
       the listserv itself is still hosted by the UCLA Library 
       server, so new messages should still be posted to 

(1b) HISTNEUR-L Archives - Main Index


(1c) HISTNEUR-L Archives - 1998 Message Index


(2)  ISHN: International Society for the History of the Neurosciences


(3)  RETICULUM: Neuroscience History Resources


(4)  Neuroscience History Archives (Brain Research Institute, UCLA)


Russell A. Johnson        rjohnson@library.ucla.edu

Archivist and Cataloger              (310) 825-6940
History & Special Collections Division
Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library, UCLA
Box 951798     Los Angeles CA  90095-1798

Archivist              (310) 825-3191  or  206-2753
Neuroscience History Archives
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