STMA - Centre for History of Physics Newsletter

Dear STAMAsters,

Today (by first class mail) the AIP Centre for History of Physics
Newsletter Vol. XXX1 No. 1 Spring 1999 arrived on my desk.

For those new to the list or the history of science community, the CHP
Newsletters can be found on the Web at:

(Note: the latest issue is not up yet!)

Many items worth noting (as always) but in particular:

* The new history of physics exhibits on the Internet at:

* The expansion of the Grants to Archives Program at:

* The latest on the International Catalog of Sources survey (ICOS) at:

* The announcement of "SCIENTIFIC SOURCE MATERIALS: Saving Personal Papers
and Archival Records in Physics and Allied Fields" at

Heaps more and the quotes are always great.

The newsletter is free - to become a registered subscriber contact CHP -
details at: http://www.aip.org/history/source.htm

Good reading ...... Gavan

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