STAMA - Interesting Meeting in Sydney

>Geniuses, Prodigies & Savants
>extraordinary people - what makes them tick
>6 - 7 December 1999	Seymour Theatre Centre, Sydney
>Extraordinary Performances, Personal Journeys, Visual Feasts,
>Ground Breaking Discoveries
>Explore the exceptional human achievement of unusual minds. Join us in
>interactive forums and examine the hottest research with geniuses,
>prodigies, savants, and leading authorities. Experience the music,
>performances, art, and personal journeys of these extraordinary people.
>Featuring: David Helfgott - Acclaimed Australian pianist and inspiration
>for the film Shine
>An evening concert, Monday 6, December 1999
>We entice you with the latest research and insights from our cast of
>leading authorities including: Bruce Miller, AW Clausen Professor of
>Neurology, University of Southern California, a pioneer in the discovery
>that dementia can lead to artistic prowess. Jack Pettigrew, FRS, Professor
>of Physiology and Director, Vision Touch and Hearing Research Centre,
>University of Queensland, a fiercely original researcher who has generated
>immense international interest on his break-through work on bipolar
>disorder and its links to creativity.
>Other Speakers include:  Glenison Alsop, CHIP Foundation. Mike Anderson,
>Senior Lecturer in Psychology, The University of Western Australia. Mike
>Anderson, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, The University of Western
>Australia, Michael O'Boyle, Chair of Psychology and Director, Morgan
>Centre, University of Melbourne. Allan W Snyder, FRS, Director, Centre for
>the Mind. Robyn Young, Lecturer in Psychology, Flinders University of South
>Special Guests: Dr Phillip Adams AO, compere of Radio National program Late
>Night Live. Dr Robyn Williams, author and host of the popular ABC Radio
>National Science Show.  Gillian Helfgott. Visual artist, Fiona Hall. 1998
>Young Performer of the Year Simon Tedeschi. Dr Billy Tao and his sons
>Trevor Tao, Nigel Tao and Dr Terence Tao.
>A wonderful art exhibition will be on display through out the event and a
>collage of film has been prepared exclusively for this event by Professor
>Darold Treffert.
>GENIUSES, PRODIGIES & SAVANTS  extraordinary people - what makes them tick
>is the brainchild of the Centre for the Mind - a joint venture of The
>Australian National University and The University of Sydney.
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>Centre for the Mind is a joint venture of The Australian National
>University and The University of Sydney
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