Fw: Scientific archives on-line

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From: Marco Beretta <imberet@tin.it>
To: <Tim.Sherratt@asap.unimelb.edu.au>
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 1999 8:19 PM
Subject: Scientific archives on-line

Dear colleague,
I annouce the publication on-line of 2 data-base inventory of two major
archives in the history of science.
The first is the "General Catalogue of the Scientifics Manuscripts" kept in
the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale of Florence (about 4000 manuscripts
described). The inventory is accesible at the web address:
The secon is the data-base catalogue of Antoine Laurent Lavoisier's
manuscripts ("Panopticon Lavoisier") kept at the Archives de l'Académie des
Sciences oi Paris and of its bibliography. Its address is:
I would therefore grately appreciate if you could inform your reader of the
existence of these archives. In thanking for your collaboration, I remain
Sincerely yours,

Marco Beretta (Ph.D.)
Istituto & Museo di Storia della Scienza
Piazza dei Giudici 1
50122 Florence