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STAMA Australia Annual General Meeting
27 July 1995, Hyatt Hotel Canberra, 9.30 pm

  1. Welcome
  2. John Bolcer, USA. Overseas visitor.

  3. Attendees
  4. Rodney Teakle - CSIRO
    Margaret Chambers - Australian Archives
    Bruce Smith - RMIT
    Rosanne Clayton - ASAP/AAS
    Bronwyn Hewitt - WEHI/RCH/RANZCP
    Gavan McCarthy (Chair) - ASAP

  5. Minutes
  6. The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted.
    [ Moved Rosanne Clayton, seconded Rodney Teakle]

  7. Matters Arising from the Minutes
  8. Activities for 1995/1996
  9. 1. It was felt that the next AGM be at a different time so we can go to both or other SIGs.

    2. It was proposed and agreed that next year we should arrange presentations at the meeting either prior to or following the AGM, from a variety of members of about ten minutes on the themes 'Archives in Museums'

    3. It was suggested that the convener talk to Greg Coleman about working in with other SIG convenors optimise the timing of the meeting.
    [Action: Gavan McCarthy].

    4. STAMA should formally establish its financially structure and request start-up finance to cover mailouts etc from ASA Council.
    [Action: Bruce Smith and Gavan McCarthy]

    5. Gavan McCarthy has been invited to present a paper to the ICA/SUV, Science Archives Group in August 1995 in Washington DC. He will produce a report of this meeting for the STAMA newsletter. General discussion was held on the role and functions of the ICA and what we might be able to do in helping it achieve its mission.

  10. ICA/SUV - Formal Report
  11. It was decided that a standard item on the agenda for the STAMA AGM should be a 'formal report' on the activities of the International Council on Archives, Provisional Section on University and Research Institution Archives, Science Archives Group from the STAMA representative on that body. At the moment that person is Gavan McCarthy.

    It was seen as important that STAMA be used as a vehicle to communicate activities in the international arena to the local Australian community as many members of STAMA are not members of the ICA. The STAMA members will be asked to inform the convener if they or their institution are members of the ICA.

    It was also suggested that a listserve for STAMA be established.
    [Action: Gavan McCarthy]

  12. Reports from Members
  13. A brief report on the activities of the Australian Science Archives Project was presented by Gavan McCarthy, particularly noting developments in the scope of ASAP's work, the move to new premises and the strong financial position of organisation.

    Rodney Teakle gave a brief talk on the activities of CSIRO archives.

  14. Election of Office Bearers
  15. Meeting Closed: 10.50 pm

Published by the Australian Science Archives Project on ASAPWeb, 23 April 1997
Prepared by: Elissa Tenkate and Denise Sutherland
Updated by: Elissa Tenkate
Date modified: 25 February 1998

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Newsletter No. 2, 1995

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