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    Archiving the Records of Contemporary Science, Liège 1996

    A joint meeting organised by the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science, Division of History of Science, Commission on Bibliography and Documentation and the International Council on Archives Provisional Section of University and Research Institution Archives, Science Archives Subgroup, 28-29 May 1996

    Archivages des Papiers de Savants Contemporains, Liège 1996

    Une conférence organisée conjointement par L'Union Internationale d'Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences, Division d'Histoire des Sciences Commission de Bibliographie et de Documentation et Le Conseil International des Archives, Section Provisoire des Archives des Universités, 28-29 mai 1996

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    Currently under development, further information yet to come ...

    Published by the Australian Science Archives Project on ASAPWeb, 10 March 1997
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