The Giant's Eye

The University of Sydney OMP Related Staff - 22.5 K

Optical Munitions Panel Meeting at the University of Sydney, c.1942.
(This photograph may include staff from the University of Sydney laboratories.)

L-R: E.O. Hercus, (military man #1), (military man #2), (military man #3), O.U Vonwiller (wearing glasses), A.D Ross, (at front, with moustache), A.L. McAulay, (curly hair), Kerr Grant, (white moustache, tall), (unknown man), (unknown woman), G.H. Briggs, J.S. Rogers, (dark hair, small moustache, at front next to woman), (military man #4), N.A. Esserman, (small glasses, at front), H.J. Frost (smiling), (military man #5)

Reproduced with permission from Mt Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories, Australian National University.