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Below are some of the photographs taken at the launch of The Giant's Eye: the Optical Munitions Exhibition at Stromlo Exploratory, Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra, on Wednesday 30 April 1997.

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1.gif 8.5 K

L-R: Ernst Frohlich, Noel Chamberlain, Hans Meyer, Jim Dooley, Walter Stibbs, Francis Lord (Norm Banham, son of Jim Banham, in background).

2.gif 7.6 K

L-R: Noel Chamberlain, Hans Meyer, Francis Lord, Jim Dooley, Walter Stibbs.

3.gif 10.0 K

Ben Gascoigne being interviewed by Tim Noonan of ABC Radio 2CN. Click HERE to hear the sound byte of this interview.

4.gif 9.6 K

Through the looking glass ... optical munitions from the Australian War Memorial, samples of optical glass and munitions blueprints from Mount Stromlo Observatory, and ASAP's display.

5.gif 7.0 K

Sir Gustav Nossal officially launching The Giant's Eye: the Optical Munitions Exhibition.

6.gif 8.9 K

L-R: ASAP staff members Gavan McCarthy, Elissa Tenkate, Denise Sutherland and Tim Sherratt, in front of exhibition panels and photographs from the online exhibition.

7.gif 7.4 K

L-R: Patricia Horner, Rose Allen (back to camera), Dr Ralph Sutherland (Mount Stromlo Observatory).

8.gif 8.5 K

L-R: Mary Bain (back to camera), Ben Gascoigne, Nanette Dooley, Ernst Frohlich.

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