A Bright Sparcs Exhibition
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I sincerely believe this optical panel and its work and all those who were connected
with it virtually won the war for us.

Sir Laurence Hartnett, 'Recollections of the Optical Munitions Panel in Australia', Australian Physicist, vol. 22, May 1985, pp. 158-60.

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Science in war is more than just a source of 'winning weapons'.

We've all heard about radar and the atomic bomb, but what about malarial research, the manufacture of drugs, tropic proofing and optical munitions? Scientists contributed to the war effort in many ways. While winning weapons might grab the headlines, victory in the laboratory, as on the battlefield, comes inch by inch.

This exhibition tells the story of the Optical Munitions Panel. Facing a crisis in the production of Australian-made weapons, Australia's physicists worked with government and industry to achieve some remarkable successes.

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