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Quotation Double Acrostic
Sir William Bragg, Physicist and Nobel Laureate

To solve this puzzle, start by solving each clue and writing the answer in the numbered boxes underneath the clue (one letter per box).
Then write these letters in the appropriate numbered space in the quotation below the puzzle. Once you get an idea of some of
the words in the quotation, you might like to work the other way around - from the quotation into the numbered boxes.
One clue has been filled in to show you how to start. All the scientists are either Australian or worked in Australia.

  1. Professor of Physics at The University of Western Australia, helped start the Australian Branch of
    the British Institute of Physics

  2. Physicist who worked with Rutherford, first President
    of the Australian Academy of Science

  3. Understood, recognised

  4. Professor of Physics at the Australian National University, pro-nuclear energy and nuclear weapons

  5. Geologist and early Antarctic explorer

  6. Thick skin or pelt of a large animal, leather

  7. Botanist at the University of Melbourne, an
    early conservationist

  8. Identification (abbreviation)

  9. Medical scientist, undertook research on
    malaria during the Second World War

  10. Elevated, tall, lofty

  1. Femal nuclear physicist, first woman to receive the Rutherford Medal

  2. Physicist and Antarctic explorer,
    established Mawson Base

  3. Roman Numeral 3

  4. Nobel Laureate in Physiology and
    Medicine 1963

  5. Female British natural history artist, illustrated Australian birds and mammals

  6. To mean to do, to have in mind

  7. Soft, wet, grassy, low-lying land, swampland

  8. Woolly animals which were the mainstay of Australia's colonial wealth

  9. New Zealander physicist, Chair of CSIRO between 1959 and 1970

  10. Professor of Physics at the University of Melbourne and Royal Military College, Duntroon

Bragg Double Acrostic Quotation

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