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The Giant's Eye
Optical Munitions in Australia

Optical Munitions Crossword Grid

1. Name of the city and university where the Optical Munitions Panel was based (9)

6.To place or set-up (7)

7. State where Kerr Grant worked (abbreviation) (2)

9. Initials of the company that helped Professor Hartung to develop optical glass (3)

10. _ _ _ Gascoigne, physicist at the Commonwealth Solar Observatory (3)

11. Glass is not a solid,
but a _ _ _ _ _ (5)

13. Surname of senior physicist at the Munitions Supply Laboratory (5)

15. Surname of the Director of the Commonwealth Solar Observatory (7)

1. Surname of Professor in charge of the Hobart Annexe (7)

2. Specially ground piece of glass that bends light (4)

3. Surname of Professor in charge of the University of Western Australia's optical munitions work (4)

4. To look at, inspect, check (7)

5. Instrument for looking at things far away (9)

8. Related to the scientific field of optics (adjective) (7)

11. An imperfection or fault (4)

12. Surname of Professor who started and was the Chair of the Optical Munitions Panel (4)

14. Initials of the former name of Mountt Stromlo Observatory (abbreviation) (3)

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