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Australian Scientists Crossword


1. Surname of Director of Mount Stromlo Observatory during the Second World War (7)

4. Surname of Nurse who developed new polio treatments (5)

6. Surname of Geologist and botanist at the University of Adelaide, 1875-1901 (4)

7. Surname of Geologist who introduced photography into his field (8)

8. Surname of British naturalist who specialised in Australian fossils (4)

10. Mawson, Eccles and Florey were all _ _ _ (3)

12. Mirror or repeat sound (4)

14. Surname of Physiologist who studied three dimensional vision (6)

16. Tasmania (abbreviation) (3)

17. Surname of Chemist who inspected explosives in South Australia (6)

18. cup or medal given as a prize (6)

19. Consume (3)

20. Compact Disc (abbreviation) (2)

22. Us (2)

23. Surname of the first female Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science (4)

25. Surname of the Aeronautical Engineer who, with more support, could have been the first person to achieve powered flight (8)

27. Surname of the noted Botanist and author of the book Flora of Australia (8)

30. Surname of the naval officer who made hydrographic surveys of the Australian coast (4)

32. Surname of the Professor of Natural Philosophy (Physics) at the University of Melbourne 1889-1914 (4)

34. Surname of the Agriculturalist who bred 'Federation' wheat (6)

36. Surname of the female Zoologist who worked at the Australian Museum, and did some of the earliest Australian ecological research (4)

37. Surname of the German Naturalist and Explorer who carried out inland explorations of Australia (10)


2. Surname of the Physicist who worked with Rutherford (8)

3. Tardy (4)

4. Surname of the Medical Scientist who undertook research on malaria during the Second World War (5)

5. Three squared (4)

6. Surname of the self-educated Australian astronomer, who discovered several comets (7)

7. Surname of the female German Botanist and Naturalist who spent nearly a decade in the wilds of northern Queensland (8)

9. Vacant, bare (5)

11. Surname of the Medical Scientist and Immunologist who was Director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research 1965-96 (6)

13. Surname of the first female physicist to be awarded the Rutherford Medal (7)

15. Surname of the first female to register with the Medical Board of Victoria 1890 (5)

21. Surname of the Geologist who was member of the second British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (5)

24. Lower limb (3)

26. Recede, fall back (3)

28. Surname of the Organic Chemist who undertook research on antibiotic drugs and oral contraceptives (5)

29. Stain, tint (3)

31. Adhesive (4)

33. Female sheep (3)

35. Primary colour (3)

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