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Australian Women Scientists

Australian Women Scientists Crossword


1. Surname of the Human Geneticist who has worked in Papua New Guinea and whose study focuses on inherited diseases, especially in Pacific peoples (11)

6. Surname of the sole female explorer in Favenc's party who crossed northern Australia in 1883 (7)

7. Small, colourful, seed-eating bird (5)

10. Ability, expertise (5)

11. Surname of the Physicist at the University of Melbourne in the early 1900s; her work focussed on X-rays and Benzil (5)

15. Surname of the Medical Practitioner who help found the Queensland Medical Women's Society and was interested in mental telepathy (6)

17. Look for, search (4)

18. Surname of the Geographer born in 1865 who reconstructed the exploration of Australia by the British (3)

19. Surname of the Bacteriologist/Biochemist who worked with Macfarlane Burnet on Q fever (7)

20. First name of the Sydney Palaeontologist who was born in 1900 (3)

22. Information (abbreviation) (4)

23. Surname of the first female to lecture to the Royal Society of Tasmania (8)


1. Surname of the Endocrinologist, and current Dean of Science at Queensland University of Technology, whose research focus is growth hormones and foetal brain development (4)

2. To understand written words (4)

3. Surname of the Biologist and Educator who worked at the University of Melbourne and was involved in the Kindergarten movement (8)

4. Surname of the inaugural winner of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Masson Award in 1941 (7)

5. Surname of the co-author of the book Physics: Fundamental Laws and Principles (5)

8. Surname of the first full-time female Demonstrator at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney 1911-12 (7)

9. Surname of the Botanist and Molecular Biologist who was Chair of CSIRO between 1991 and 1996 (6)

12. Star that suddenly gets much brighter, then slowly returns to its original brightness (4)

13. Surname of the Physicist born in 1917 who was Assistant Chief, CSIRO Division of Textile Physics 1979-82 (8)

14. German Mathematician who a Professor at the Australian National University from 1964-71 (7)

16. Surname of one of the world's leading authorities on sheep genetics (6)

21. Cinder, soot, dust (3)

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