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Scientists & Colonists


Questions and Issues

* What was the general attitude towards science in colonial Australia?

* Who funded scientific research in colonial Australia? Who are the primary funding bodies for scientific research in Australia today?

* Have the reasons for funding scientific research changed at lot? Why?

* What affect did Australian colonial scientists hope to have upon the Australian population?

* Who did the colonial Australian scientists want to become involved in science?

* How did colonial scientists expect the morals of colonial Australian society to be affected by the rise of scientific societies, museums, public lectures and field trips?

* What fields of science did the colonial Australian scientists practice? Have the fields of science practiced in Australia changed since then? If so, how?


* 'Scientists and Colonists' by Jennifer Newell and Denise Sutherland, Eye on the Past article, Australasian Science, Summer, vol. 18, no. 4, p. 56.

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