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BASTOW, Stewart Henry

Born Folkestone, England, 2 February 1908; died Melbourne 23 January 1964. Education University of Tasmania (B.Sc. 1929) and Cambridge University (Ph.D. 1932). Demonstrator in physics University of Tasmania 1927. 1851 Exhibition senior scholar 1932-34. Research chemist, National Enamels Ltd., U.K., 1934-37; Anglo-Iranian Oil Co., 1937-40. Royal Engineers, 1940-45. Officer-in-charge, C.S.I.R. Lubricants and Bearings (later Tribophysics) Section, 1945-48; Chief, Division Tribophysics, 1948-49. Member, C.S.I.R.O. Executive, 1949-64; Chief Executive Officer, 1957-59.
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