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REES, Albert Lloyd George

Born Melbourne 15 January 1916; died Melbourne 14 August 1989. Education, University of Melbourne (B.Sc. 1936, M.Sc. 1938, D.Sc. 1949) and London University (Ph.D. 1941). Lecturer in chemistry, University of Western Australia 1939. Research fellow at London University 1939-41. Research chemist, Philips Electrical Industries U.K., 1941-44. Head of the Chemical Physics Section, C.S.I.R./O. Division of Industrial Chemistry, 1944-58. Chief, Division of Chemical Physics 1958-78; Chairman, C.S.I.R.O. Chemical Research Laboratories, 1961-70. F.A.A. 1954. C.B.E. 1978.
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  3. (With N.S. Bayliss) Electronic absorption spectra in solution, with special reference to the continuous absorption of the halogens. Journal of Chemical Physics, 8 (1940), 377-381.
  4. A note on electronic absorption spectra in solution. Journal of Chemical Physics, 8 (1940), 429-430.

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