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WORNER, Howard Knox

Born Swan Hill, Victoria, 3 August 1913. Education, Bendigo School of Mines and University of Melbourne (B.Sc. 1934, M.Sc. 1936, D.Sc. 1942). Demonstrator in metallography, University of Melbourne 1935; lecturer 1936-38. Research fellow, Dental Materials Research Laboratory, Melbourne, 1939-46. Professor of metallurgy, University of Melbourne 1946-55. Director of research Broken Hill Pty. Ltd., 1956-62. Consultant metallurgist, 1963. Director, New Process Development, C.R.A. Ltd., 1964-75. Chairman, Victorian Brown Coal Council, 1975-82. Consultant metallurgist, 1980-. Director, Microwave Applications Research Centre, University Wollongong, 1987-89; director Microwave and Materials Research Institute 1989-. F.A.A. 1973, F.T.S. 1975.
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