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ASTON, Ronald Leslie

Born Sydney 23 July 1901; died Sydney 7 September 1969. Education Sydney University (B.Sc. 1921, B.E. 1923) and Cambridge University (M.Sc. 1926, Ph.D. 1955). Tutor in mathematics and physics at Trinity College, Melbourne University 1928-29. Physicist, Imperial Geophysical Experimental Survey, 1929-30. Lecturer in civil engineering at Sydney University, 1930-55; Senior lecturer 1955-56; Associate professor 1956-66.
  1. The tensile deformation of large aluminium crystals at crystal boundaries. Cambridge Philosophical Society. Proceedings., 23 (1927), 549-560.
  2. Some developments in the x-ray analysis of single-crystals. Cambridge Philosophical Society. Proceedings., 23 (1927), 561-577.
  3. (With E.H. Booth) Seismic methods. In Broughton Edge, A.B., and Laby, T.H., eds., The principles and practice of geophysical prospecting: being the report of the Imperial Geophysical Experimental Survey. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1931. pp.194-233; 328-349.

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