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BAKER, Walter Ross

Born Hoyleton, South Australia, 26 October 1907; died Melbourne 4 May 1978. Education University of Adelaide (B.E. 1931). Engineer, Metropolitan Electrical Company Ltd., Sydney, 1931-32; Targan Electric Company, Melbourne, 1932-36; A.W.A. Ltd., Sydney, 1937-41. Research officer at the C.S.I.R. Division of Radiophysics 1941-42. Radio engineer, P.M.G.'s Department, 1942-49; Australian Broadcasting Control Board, 1950-71.
  1. (With F.M. Leyden) A direct-reading impedance comparator for production testing of receiver coils. A.W.A. Technical Review, 5 (1941), 275-285.

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