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FERGUSON, James Crighton

Born Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, England, 22 June 1905; died Salisbury, South Rhodesia, 23 August 1965. Education University College London (B.Sc. 1926). Exploration geophysicist, Rhodesia, 1926-28. Physicist, Imperial Geophysical Experimental Survey, 1929-30. Senior geologist, Southern Rhodesia Geological Survey, 1930-60; Director 1948-60.
  1. (With S.H. Shaw and A.B. Broughton Edge) Electrical surveys in Australia. In Broughton Edge, A.B., and Laby, T.H., eds., The principles and practice of geophysical prospecting: being the report of the Imperial Geophysical Experimental Survey. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1931. pp.74-134.

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