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MATHER, Keith Benson

Born Adelaide 6 January 1922; died Eugene, Oregon, USA 10 January 2003. Education, Adelaide University (B.Sc. Eng. 1942, M.Sc. 1944). Demonstrator in physics Adelaide University 1943-45; lecturer 1946. Science and Industry Endowment Fund scholar, Washington University , St. Louis, U.S.A., 1946-49. I.C.I. Fellow, University of Birmingham, 1949-50. Lecturer in physics, Ceylon University, 1950-51. Research officer C.S.I.R.O., University of Melbourne, 1952-54. Senior research officer, Australian Atomic Energy Commission 1954-56. Physicist-in-charge, Mawson Station, Antarctica, 1957. Lecturer in physics, University of Melbourne 1958-61. Visiting research geophysicist, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska 1961-62; Associate professor of physics 1962-63; director and professor of physics 1963-76; Vice-Chancellor for research and advanced study, University of Alaska, 1976-1986.
  1. A comparator for spectrographic analysis. Journal of Scientific Instruments, 22 (1945), 151-153.

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