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NIMMO, Robert Rutherford

Born Dunedin, New Zealand, 17 October 1902; died Dunedin 19 July 1982. Education, Otago University College, New Zealand (M.Sc. 1925) and Cambridge University (Ph.D. 1929). 1851 Exhibition scholar 1926-29. Lecturer in physics, University of Western Australia 1929-39. Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, 1939-43; lecturer in physics 1943-48. Manhattan Project, U.S.A., 1943-45. Professor of physics University of Otago, New Zealand, 1948-68.
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  2. (With N. Feather) An investigation of the ranges of the long range alpha -particles from thorium C and radium C, using an expansion chamber. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, A, 122 (1929), 668-687.
  3. (With N. Feather) The distribution of range of the alpha particles from radium C' and thorium C'. Cambridge Philosophical Society. Proceedings., 25 (1929), 198-204.
  4. (With H.D. Poole) The significance of the sign of a mutual inductance. Cambridge Philosophical Society. Proceedings., 28 (1932), 531-537.
  5. Some properties of valve oscillators with coupled circuits. Philosophical Magazine, S.7, 22 (1936), 1057-1079.

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