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ODDIE, Thomas Harold

Born Ballarat, Victoria, 19 July 1911. Education, University of Melbourne (B.Sc. 1932, M.Sc. 1933, D.Sc. 1944). Physicist, Commonwealth X-Ray and Radium Laboratory, 1933-40. Engineer, Philips Electricity Industries 1940-47. Officer-in-charge, C.S.I.R./O. Tracer Elements Investigation, 1947-52. Assistant professor of radiology, University of Arkansas, U.S.A., 1953-55. Associate professor of physics, Bowman Gray School of Medicine, North Carolina, 1955-56. Research physicist, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, 1957-60. Research physicist, University of Arkansas Medical Center, 1960-64; professor of radiology 1964-74. Research fellow, U.C.L.A. Harbor General Hospital, Torrance, California, 1974-.
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