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REED, Jack Wilson

Born Newcastle, N.S.W., 14 April 1917. Education, Sydney University (1936-37; B.Sc. 1948). Engineer, A.W.A. Ltd., 1938-40. Science teacher, Newington College, Sydney, 1940-42. Research officer C.S.I.R. Radiophysics Laboratory 1943-46. Teaching fellow of mathematics, Sydney University 1946-48.
  1. (With R.H. Healey) Low pressure measurements by means of the ionization gauge. A.W.A. Technical Review, 3 (1937), 35-48.
  2. A note on the distribution of velocities of slow electrons in gases. A.W.A. Technical Review, 5 (1940), 21-27.
  3. (With R.H. Healey) The behaviour of slow electrons in gases: an account of diffusion methods together with a comparison between results obtained by these and by various other methods. Sydney: Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd., 1941. xii + 179pp.

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