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SHORT, Lawrence Neville

Born 23 January 1921. Education, Sydney University (B.Sc. 1942, Dip.Ed. 1943, M.Sc. 1945) and Oxford University (D.Philosophy 1951). Science teacher, N.S.W. Department of Education 1943-45. Lecturer in chemistry, Sydney Technical College 1946-48. Research fellow of medical chemistry. Australian National University 1951-52. Senior lecturer in chemistry, University of N.S.W. 1952-58; senior lecturer in educational research 1958-61; Director of Education Research Unit 1961-67. Professor of education, Newcastle University 1968-81; Deputy Vice-Chancellor 1978-81.
  1. (With H.A. McKenzie, D.P. Mellor and J.E. Mills) The light absorption and magnetic properties of nickel complexes. Royal Society of New South Wales. Journal and Proceedings., 78 (1944), 70-80.

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