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SPOONER, Edgar Clynton Ross

Born Hobart 25 May 1908. Education, University of Tasmania (B.Sc. 1929, B.E. 1932, M.Sc. 1932, D.Sc. 1946) and Oxford University (D.Philosophy 1936). Rhodes Scholar, Tasmania 1931. Engineer, National Smelting Co., Avonmouth, U.K., 1935-37; Magnesium Metal Corporation, U.K., 1937-44. Director of research & development, Sutcliffe Speakman & Co., U.K., 1944-47. Professor of mining, metallurgical and chemical engineering, Adelaide University, 1948-63.
  1. (With A.L. McAulay and G.L. White) Electrode potentials in air-free electrolyte. Nature, 126 (1930), 914-915.
  2. (With A.L. McAulay) A unique electrode potential characteristic of a metal, and a theory for the mechanism of electrode potential. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, A, 138 (1932), 494-501.

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