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VINES, Robert Godfrey

Born Melbourne 25 February 1921. Education, University of Melbourne (B.Sc. 1941, M.Sc. 1944, D.Sc. 1962) and Oxford University (B.Sc. 1949). Research officer, C.S.I.R. Lubricants and Bearings Section (later Division Tribophysics), 1942-56; Chemical Research Laboratories 1956-75; Division of Building Research 1975-78; Division of Forest Research 1980-; Senior Principal Research Scientist 1968-. Visiting Associate professor of chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A., 1954, 1960-61.
  1. (With F.P. Bowden, F. Eirich, M.F.R. Mulcahy and A. Yoffe) The detonation of high explosives by impact. The sensitivity, and the propagation of the explosion in liquids. Australia. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Bulletin., 173 (1943), 75pp.

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