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WOOD, Francis Waverley

Born Albany, Western Australia, 12 June 1905. Education, University of Western Australia (B.Sc. 1926), King's College London, 1933-35, and Harvard University Assistant, Watheroo Magnetic Observatory, 1926-32. Research officer, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, U.K., 1936-37. Research physicist, C.S.I.R. Radio Research Board, 1937-46. Observer-in-charge, Watheroo Magnetic Observatory, 1946-49. Research fellow, Carnegie Institution of Washington 1949-51. Assistant chief geophysicist, Bureau of Mineral Resources, 1951-56. Superintendent of optical instrumentation, Weapons Research Establishment, South Australia, 1956-65; Deputy director (trials), 1965-68.
  1. (With W.C. Parkinson) Watheroo Magnetic Observatory. January to August, 1930. Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmospheric Electricity, 36 (1931), 65.

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