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CRABTREE, Raymond William

Born Launceston, Tasmania, 7 November 1903; died Sydney 20 April 1986. Education University of Tasmania (B.Sc. 1924). Demonstrator in physics at the University of Tasmania 1924-25; acting lecturer 1926. Demonstrator in physics Royal College Science London 1927-28; lecturer in physics Westminster Training College 1928-29. Bartlett research scholar at Melbourne University 1935. Physicist, Defence Research Laboratories, Maribyrnong, 1935-50. Research officer, C.S.I.R.O. Information Service, Melbourne, 1950-52; editor, editorial section, 1952-68.
  1. (With W.N. Christiansen and T.H. Laby) Density of light water: ratio of deuterium to hydrogen in rain water. Nature, 135 (1935), 870.

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